Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Set for the Kindle Fire.

Earlier today, like many, I received an email from Amazon informing me that my Kindle Fire had Shipped. In light of this I think it's time to set my expectations for this device. Considering the price tag they are not extremely high but here they are.

  1. Quick, easy and well laid out connection to all of Amazon's services, Music, Books, video and Amazon's entire store.
  2. At least a handfull of games, it doesn't have to be 3D titles, in fact, I'm hoping for more of the simple things Such as Words with friends and Spectrum puzzles.
  3. Netflix that works well.
  4. Decent web browsing.
  5. Good, mostly smooth UI
If I get more I'm ecstatic, less, I know how Amazon's return system works.

I'll report back on my experience with the divice as soon as I feel Like I have put it though it's paces.

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